Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Holy Hatpins, I'm Back!

This is my fourth attempt at keeping a blog, I think, so I'm going to roll with it while I still have the patience and inclination. Now I'm going to focus on something I'm really passionate about; misery porn!

Remember when you were a teenager, dressing all in black, writing poetry about how nobody will ever love you because you have an evil soul, listening to Nirvana and crying because Kurt Cobain is the only man who will ever understand your pain and he's long gone? Well, I don't because I never had that phase. Sucks to be you!

I'm a happy person. I stay that way through keeping an upbeat attitude towards my own life as well as dealing out nice big slices of pure agony through fiction. It gives one a nice sense of perspective when you've spent an afternoon reading about a man and a child struggling through a radioactive wasteland and the worst that's happened to you today is stabbing yourself in the eyebrow with a sewing needle. Plus it can be really fascinating to see someone take a tried and tested formula such as magical girls, domestic drama or high fantasy and take it to its darkest possible conclusion.

Aside from anything else it can really display the state of mind of a creator during production and for armchair psychiatrists it's fascinating stuff. Watch End of Evangelion and see if you can pinpoint exactly when they decided Hideaki Anno needed to be sectioned.

So this is my new blog. Welcome. First on the list is Antichrist.

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